SOLPLAST mulch film products are manufactured in multilayer structures, with a combination of LDPE, LLDPE and metallocene resins. They are manufactured in different thicknesses and presentations, depending on the end application, but always maintaining high mechanical and agronomic qualities.


Mulch films are used to protect crops from atmospheric agents and prevent effects such as:

  • Drying of the soil.
  • Deterioration of product quality.
  • Cooling of the land.
  • Fertilizer washing.


Advantages of using mulch film

  • They improve the soil structure: constant moisture leads to better, more lateral and shallower root development.
  • They improve soil moisture, preventing water evaporation.
  • They regulate and balance the soil temperature. Generally, soil temperature rises during the day and remains steady at night.
  • They improve land fertility by increasing temperature and moisture, favoring soil nitrification.
  • They can affect the growth of weeds.
  • They improve product quality by preventing contact with the soil, especially in the case of creeping crops.