This film is made from POLYETHYLENE with certain additives to ensure that it degrades during certain conditions of use, as described below. The aim is to enable the plastic to be harmlessly incorporated into the soil once it has served its purpose, which also saves the effort required to remove and dispose of it.

1) Packaging and storage

The material is supplied with packaging that guarantees its protection and properly identifies the product. This protective cover must not be removed until the film is to be used.

The product must always be stored under shelter and away from heat sources.

The product must not be saved from one season to the next, as this would alter the degradation time of the film.

2) Start of cultivation

Planting should occur immediately after laying the film.

3) Degradation

The degradation of exposed film (loss of mechanical properties) depends on the solar radiation received, ambient temperature, humidity, rainfall, variety and quality of plants, planting date, plant growth, crop density, treatments, soil type, etc.

The buried portion of the film undergoes a slower degradation process, and therefore once the harvest has been completed, the land should be tilled to uncover the plastic and accelerate its final degradation. It is important to till the soil using a rotary tiller or disks to break up the remaining plastic as much as possible, making it smaller before ploughing. The soil should be tilled perpendicularly to the previous year’s crop, to ensure that any buried film is completely shredded.

In any case, it is necessary to conduct specific tests with the crops and in the area where you intend to use this type of material before generalizing its use, to make sure that it meets expectations.

4. Guarantees

Due to the many different external factors not related to the film itself that can influence the speed with which it degrades, and which are beyond the manufacturer’s control (as indicated in point 3), SOLPLAST, S.A. offers no guarantee that said degradation will occur within the exact time expected by the customer.

In the case of premature degradation, the responsibility of SOLPLAST, S.A. is limited solely and exclusively to the replacement of the affected plastic, and does not include any other type of compensation.

 Follow the recommendations listed above to help optimize the performance of the film.