What is the Company Code of Conduct for Solplast, S.A.

The Solplast, S.A. Code of Conduct is the core standard of conduct that the Company wishes to have observed throughout its corporate activity. This is a standard of conduct that is usually more demanding than the standard defined by applicable legislation in the various countries where the Company operates.

It is the expression of a series of principles/values for corporate behaviour, as well as for Company executives and employees. The Corporate Code of conduct is also a written statement of the public commitment made by the Company to these principles/values.

The Code of Conduct was defined by the Governing Board/Board members as the maximum governing entity and it is a commitment of the highest level.

What the Solplast, S.A. Company Code of Conduct is not.

The Code of Conduct is no replacement for the legal regulations that are applicable in each case and in each territory, nor can they contradict the obligations validly undertaken in each specific case in a contract or collective negotiation.

It is not a fully comprehensive internal regulation of the company. The company has internal rules and regulations other than the Code of Conduct, although they are both compatible, which have been duly approved and published within the organisation and which therefore must be known and complied with.

Who is it aimed at?

The Solplast Company Code of Conduct is aimed for the people and entities that are direct intended recipients (recipients) and also for those who are or may become familiar with it (people familiar with).

People under the Solplast, S.A. Company Code of Conduct are firstly all those who render services with the Company as administrators, executives and employees, who must adapt their conduct to the standards set forth therein.

The Code of Conduct is also for representatives, agents, mediators and other individuals and legal entities that usually collaborate with the company in operations linked to its corporate object, or who act in the interest or in name and on behalf of the Company. These persons or entities must behave pursuant to the Code standards whenever they represent or manage interests for Solplast, S.A.

The main people who are familiar with the Solplast, S.A. Code of Conduct are clients, suppliers, advisors and other persons or entities that have professional or business relations with Solplast, S.A. All of these people, in addition to being informed by Solplast, S.A. on the Code, must accept that they and their companies shall be governed by the Company Code of Conduct in all professional or business relations with Solplast, S.A.

Solplast, S.A. will determine the contract mode by which these persons will accept the Code, in each case.

Lastly, the Code of Conduct is aimed at any person who does not have direct relations with Solplast, S.A., but who has interest in becoming familiar with the principles/values governing the corporate conduct, or who has interest in informing the company of a breach of the rules contained in this Code of Conduct.

What is the expected effect?

The main effect expected from this Code is that it will provide all of its target people and people familiar with it with the knowledge of the standards of conduct that they must respect or observe, as the case may be. Lastly, it is expected that both the target people/entities and the people familiar with it will cooperate in preventing its breach.

What is the effect it is expected not to have?

We expect the Solplast, S.A. Code of Conduct not to lead any or all of its target people to believe that they are exempt from the obligation to know and to comply with all of the company’s legal or internal regulations that they are subject to. We also do not expect that the existence of the content of the Code will be used by its target people to create confusion and/or discrepancies regarding its interpretation, leading to impeding its compliance in any way.

Another effect that is also not expected of the Code of Conduct is for it to resolve by itself all of the cases and all of the questions that may arise in order to fulfil the principles/values of the Solplast, S.A. Corporate Code of Conduct.