Films manufactured by multilayer coextrusion, using homopolymers (LDPE and LLDPE) and metallocene resins, combined to maximize their properties. These materials are non-thermal and are available in different thicknesses and presentations, depending on the end application.


  • Good mechanical properties, which mean excellent performance in harsh climatic conditions and when handled during the application.
  • Highly resistant to degradation caused by sunlight and high temperatures.
  • The DURAPLAST versions (A and B) are specially designed to resist chemical degradation caused by treatments used inside greenhouses, withstanding an S content of up to 3,000 ppm and a Cl content of up to 150 ppm.
  • The DURASOL AT and S products are specifically designed for high-radiation areas, when the crop requires high temperature peaks inside the greenhouse to be lowered.
  • How long each product lasts depends on the climate and radiation in the growing area, the product characteristics and the agricultural uses it is put to.