Films manufactured by multilayer coextrusion, using combinations of homopolymers (LDPE and LLDPE), metallocene resins and EVA/EBA copolymers. These materials are thermal (they reduce cooling inside the greenhouse at night) and are available in different thicknesses and presentations, depending on the end application.


  • Good mechanical properties, which mean excellent performance in harsh climatic conditions and when handled during the application.
  • Highly resistant to degradation caused by sunlight and high temperatures.
  • Good visible light transmission, generating high luminosity in the greenhouse.
  • High light diffusion. This prevents shaded areas in the greenhouse, thus producing greater uniformity of radiation and preventing irregular crop growth.
  • Excellent thermal effect, which reduces temperature drops inside the greenhouse when there is no external energy supply, thus reducing the risk of frost.
  • Due to its heat-insulation efficiency, DURATERMIC film is specially indicated for geographical areas that produce sharp temperature drops at night, although it is also suitable for milder climates.
  • How long each product lasts depends on the climate and radiation in the growing area, the product characteristics and the agricultural uses it is put to.
  • The DURATERMIC range includes varieties especially designed for installation in macro-tunnels used to grow strawberries and raspberries and in vineyards.