Thermal sheet, manufactured by multilayer coextrusion, with a combination of LDPE and LLDPE in different thicknesses. DURATERMIC WHITE includes a special combination of stabilizers that protect against UV radiation; based on hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS), the film is highly resistant to degradation from both UV radiation and high temperatures that usually occur in areas where the plastic comes into contact with the metal parts of the structure.

In addition, the product’s formula also includes a combination of additives that form a barrier against IR, giving it good thermal properties that regulate the temperature inside the greenhouse.

Its high degree of diffusion makes it possible to evenly distribute radiation inside the greenhouse, reducing shaded areas and promoting uniform crop development.

Main features:

  • Great mechanical strength.
  • Good transmission of visible light: permits the heating of the growing area, favoring plant development.
  • Excellent light diffusion, preventing areas of shade inside the greenhouse and reducing irregular plant development by homogenizing light throughout the growing area.
  • Optimal heat-insulation effect: its combination of IR additives create a barrier against long-wave infrared radiation emitted by the soil at night, preventing sharp temperature drops (especially during the night) and eliminating the risk of thermal inversion that could jeopardize plant life.
  • Highly resistant to degradation caused by sunlight.


Recommended for use in cold areas or areas with large differences between daytime and nighttime temperatures.