Thermal sheet, manufactured by multilayer coextrusion, with a combination of LDPE and LLDPE and EVA/EBA copolymers in different thicknesses.

This product has been designed especially for growing strawberries in south-western Spain.

DURATERMIC STRAWBERRY includes a special combination of stabilizers that protect against UV radiation; based on hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS), the film is highly resistant to degradation.

In addition, the central layer also includes a combination of additives that form a barrier against IR radiation, giving it good thermal properties that regulate the temperature inside the greenhouse.

Its high degree of diffusion permits the even distribution of radiation inside the greenhouse, reducing shaded areas and promoting uniform crop development.

This product is guaranteed for two growing seasons, as long as it is removed between the months of June and October. During this time, the plastic must be stored in a cool, dry place and adequately protected from sunlight and high temperatures.

Main features:

  • Mechanical properties: high tensile strength, impact resistance and tear strength, especially in the areas of the folds. This ensures optimal performance against harsh climate conditions and damage caused when removing and installing the product.
  • Optical properties: high visible light transmission and diffusion.
  • Good resistance to degradation caused by sunlight and high temperatures.


Especially recommended for growing strawberries.