SOLPLAST’s special film for vine training systems is a product especially designed for growing table grapes. Its manufacturing characteristics are specially adapted to the structure of vine arbor and to the crop they are to protect (table grapes).

SOLPLAST’s special vine film is manufactured with side reinforcements equipped with rings to attach the plastic sheet to the structure of the vine arbors. It is also reinforced in the center to protect the film where it comes into contact with the vine arbors.

This type of film improves the environmental characteristics of the vine arbor, increasing the greenhouse effect, resulting in milder maximum and minimum temperatures and increases the climatic comfort for the crop, thus improving its overall growth and quality. This produces a series of advantages, such as: greater bud fertility, fruit setting and production, better assimilation of nutrients, earlier ripening and larger, heavier berries.

Main features:

  • Good mechanical properties: The films used in this type of application provide a high degree of overall transmission and good visible light diffusion, which gives the vine better illumination, increases its chemical activity and favors early and more abundant fruit production.
  • Great mechanical strength: The sheet of film used to cover grape vines is thicker than the rest on the sides, where it has rings, and in the center or ridge, which is reinforced to withstand the friction caused by the posts of the structure. Depending on the thickness of the plastic material, coverings can also provide protection against hail or complement mesh used for this purpose.
  • Highly resistant to degradation:  This product is especially stabilized to protect it against degradation caused by UV radiation, as well as that generated by plant health products used to grow table grapes.