Films manufactured by multilayer coextrusion, using combinations of homopolymers (LDPE and LLDPE), copolymers (EVA and EBA) and metallocene resins. These materials are combined in different layers to make the most of their agronomic benefits. The INDASOL films are thermal (they reduce cooling inside the greenhouse at night) and are available in different thicknesses and presentations, depending on the end application.


  • Excellent mechanical properties: combining the flexibility of the EBA/EVA copolymers in the central layers with the rigidity and mechanical strength of the LLDPE materials and the metallocenes in the outer layers.
  • Highly resistant to degradation from both UV radiation and treatments applied inside greenhouses.
  • Good transmission of visible light, generating high luminosity within the greenhouse.
  • The DIFFUSE version prevents shaded areas inside the greenhouse, thus producing greater uniformity of radiation and preventing irregular crop growth.
  • In the CRISTAL version, direct transmission is very high, with very little diffusion, making it suitable for geographic areas with low radiation or short sunlight hours.
  • Highly efficient heat-insulation, making the INDASOL films an ideal solution for geographical areas with sharp night-time temperature drops.
  • How long each product lasts depends on the climate and radiation in the growing area, the product characteristics and the agricultural uses it is put to.