Thermal sheets manufactured by multilayer coextrusion, combining resins from EVA/EBA copolymers with LDPE, LLDPE and metallocene materials. The formula of INDASOL SOLAIR includes a combination of additives that generate small gas bubbles in the central layer of the film, forming a microchamber of air that produces an air-conditioning effect inside the greenhouse, lowering maximum temperatures during the warmest times of the year. This reduces stress on the plants caused by peak high temperatures, improving overall crop development.

In addition, these bubbles have a strong light diffusing effect, which provides great uniformity in the incidence of visible radiation inside the greenhouse, generating an optimal atmosphere for plant growth.  It has a special combination of stabilizers that protects against UV radiation, making the film highly resistant to degradation from both UV radiation and treatments applied inside greenhouses.

The combination of copolymer resins in its central layers, along with greater insulation produced by the microchamber of air generated by the gas bubbles in the central layer, substantially improve the thermal effect of the film.

Main features:

  • Good mechanical properties: The combination of EVA/EBA resins with metallocenes give the film great mechanical strength.
  • Good transmission of visible light, which permits the heating of the growing area, favoring plant development throughout the service life of the plastic.
  • Very good heat-insulation effect: The effect of the EBA/EVA copolymers, together with the gas microchamber in the film, create a barrier against long-wave infrared radiation emitted by the soil at night, preventing sharp temperature drops (especially at night) and eliminating the risk of thermal inversion that could jeopardize plant life.
  • Highly resistant to degradation caused by sunlight  and treatments applied inside the greenhouse.