Thermal sheets manufactured by multilayer coextrusion, combining resins from EVA/EBA copolymers with LDPE, LLDPE and metallocene materials. INDASOL TRITERMIC has a special combination of stabilizers that protects against UV radiation, making the film highly resistant to degradation due to both UV radiation and treatments applied inside greenhouses.

The combination of copolymer resins in its central layers improves the thermal effect of the film.

In addition, this combination of materials, arranged in suitable layers, makes the film a good transmitter of light, minimizing diffusion.

The outer layer prevents dust from adhering, which maintains the high transmission of visible light throughout the service life of the plastic.

The anti-drip effect of its inner layer prevents drops from forming inside the sheet due to condensation in the greenhouse. A continuous sheet of water forms instead of drops, and this flows towards the sides of the greenhouse, preventing dripping onto plants, which could cause diseases. Furthermore, the absence of drops also improves light transmission, preventing the total reflection effect, which increases heating inside the greenhouse, especially in the early morning hours.

This combination of optical properties makes TRITERMIC film especially suitable for use in areas with low solar radiation or short daylight hours.

Main features:

  • Mechanical properties: combining the flexibility of the high EBA/EVA-content resins in the central layers and the rigidity and copolymers in the central layers with the rigidity and great mechanical strength of the outer layers.
  • High transmission of visible light, which permits the heating of the growing area, favoring plant development throughout the service life of the plastic.
  • Good heat-insulation effect: the effect of the EBA/EVA copolymers creates a barrier against long-wave infrared radiation emitted by the soil at night, preventing sharp temperature drops (especially at night) and eliminating the risk of thermal inversion that could jeopardize plant life.
  • Highly resistant to degradation caused by sunlight and treatments applied inside the greenhouse.
  • Anti-drip effect: prevents the formation of drops on the sheet, increasing light transmission during the early morning hours, while at the same time reducing the risk of cryptogamic diseases caused by the continuous dripping of water on the plants.


Especially indicated for cold climates with low luminosity, due to its high thermal power and transparency.