Sheet manufactured by multilayer coextrusion, with thicknesses from 20 to 37.5 microns, incorporating special products to provide a high gas barrier in one of its layers. This product is designed specifically for chemical disinfection.

Main features:

  • Chemical disinfection is a very effective alternative for soil treatment. The quality of the disinfection obtained with this technique is very high if the right amounts of suitable disinfectants are used.
  • Current legislation, good environmental practices and workplace safety greatly limit the use of soil disinfection products. The performance of disinfection products must be optimized to adapt to the proper uses mentioned above, while maintaining a high degree of effectiveness during the disinfection.


SOLTIF film is designed with a multilayer structure in which one of the layers is manufactured with special products that provide a high gas barrier.

This layer prevents disinfection gases from being released through the plastic, reducing their loss into the atmosphere. In addition to improving the effectiveness of the disinfection, this also reduces the amount of product used, and keeps the environment free of gases, thus ensuring the health and safety of workers and taking better care of the environment.