Sheet manufactured by multilayer coextrusion, with thicknesses from 25 to 37.5 microns, specifically designed for chemical disinfection; includes barrier agents that reduce the size of the pores in the sheet, and thus the permeability of the plastic.

Main features:

  • Crop yields, quality and profits earned depend to a large extent on proper soil treatment and disinfection.
  • Chemical disinfection of the soil is a simple, effective solution. Very effective results are obtained with pesticides, nematicides, fungicides and herbicides, which also provide good soil protection for later crops.
  • Once applied, the chemicals used for disinfection change into a gas. To prevent them from escaping into the air, the soil must be covered with plastic so that they remain underneath, thus increasing the effectiveness of the disinfection.
  • To a small extent, conventional films are gas permeable, which allows the soil disinfectant to escape. The gas that is lost makes disinfection more expensive. In addition, the greenhouse air is gradually poisoned, which presents the risk of intoxication and chemical aggression on the coverings, reducing their service life.
  • The DESINFESOL DS disinfection sheet is specially manufactured to obtain the best possible performance during chemical disinfection of the soil.