DC Cristal

Sheet manufactured by multilayer coextrusion, using a combination of LDPE, LLDPE and metallocene resins. These materials are combined in the different layers of the film to produce specific conditions that significantly improve the overall transmission of visible light through the film.

Main features:

  • The main property of DC CRISTAL is its high degree of transparency. This prevents the loss of visible light through the greenhouse cover, despite having two films over the area of cultivation. This feature makes SOLPLAST DC CRISTAL film appropriate for any type of crop, even those demanding the most light.
  • In addition, the air chamber created between the greenhouse cover and DC CRISTAL film reduces thermal oscillations between night and day, creating a more uniform environment inside the greenhouse, which is reflected in more homogenous crop development.


DC CRISTAL film has an anti-drip effect. It is produced with specific additives that prevent water condensation from forming drops on the surface of the film. Water condenses in sheet form, which further increases the transmission of visible light inside, especially early in the morning, when the condensation effect is the strongest.

DC CRISTAL films can be manufactured with perforations 10 or 5 mm in diameter to improve ventilation inside the greenhouse and also prevent the formation of pockets of water on the top of the double screen.