DC Solterm

Sheet manufactured with multilayer coextrusion technology, combining LDPE, LLDPE and metallocene materials and EVA/EBA copolymers. This combination of materials in the different layers of the film improves light transmission into the greenhouse.

Main features:

  • SOLPLAST’s DC SOLTERM is known for its high degree of transparency and thermal protection. These characteristics make it possible to transmit a large amount of visible light inside the greenhouse, thereby reducing the temperature loss at night. This strengthens the thermal effect of the covering, preventing the potential risk of frost and delaying cooling of the greenhouse during the coldest time of the day.
  • Furthermore, the air chamber formed between the greenhouse covering and the DC SOLTERM film reduces the thermal oscillations between day and night, creating a more uniform environment inside the greenhouse, which in turn produces more consistent crop development.


DC SOLTERM film has an anti-drip effect. It is manufactured with specific additives that prevent water condensation from forming drops on the surface of the film. Water condenses in sheet form, further increasing the transmission of visible light into the greenhouse, especially in the early morning, when the condensation effect is the strongest.

This sheet not only protects crops from low temperatures, it also permits increased production and earlier harvests.

DC SOLTERM film can be manufactured with holes 10 or 5 mm in diameter to improve ventilation inside the greenhouse and also prevent the formation of pockets of water on the top of the double screen.