SOLPLAST silage films are manufactured in multilayer structures, with a combination of LDPE, LLDPE and metallocene resins. They are manufactured in different thicknesses and formulations and are specifically designed for covering fodder, so it maintains its high nutritional qualities for livestock.

This range also includes silage films to cover corn or peat.


  • One of the main problems in fodder production is its seasonal nature, leading to the use of preservation practices so fodder may be used later. These practices ensure the quality of the fodder is maintained.
  • Silage is a conservation technique for moist grass and grain, using plastic covers. It involves spontaneous lactic fermentation in anaerobic conditions (lack of O2).
  • This fermentation produces acidification (pH reduction to around 4.2), inhibiting the activity of microorganisms, which can degrade the product, as well as fungal activity.
  • This process enables feed to be stored immediately after harvesting, maintaining its nutritional quality and strength, thus increasing the animal count per hectare and replacing or complementing feed concentrates.