The SOLPLAST product range also includes solutions for various applications, using specific materials:



  • Two-tone (BLACK/WHITE) sheet manufactured using LDPE, LLDPE and metallocene resins, in thicknesses starting at 100 µ (400 gauge). It is used as a medium for hydroponic cultivation substrates (without soil).
  • It is characterized by excellent mechanical properties.
  • Reflection of light off the white layer prevents the risk of burns in the above-ground part of the plant, while providing extra light to the lower parts, thus improving crop yield.
  • The black layer guarantees complete opacity, preventing weed growth.


  • This product is designed specifically for packaging cucumbers.
  • It is manufactured in thicknesses ranging from 15 to 20 microns, using resins authorized for food contact.
  • Its mechanical and optical properties (high gloss and transparency) and its capacity to stretch make it particularly suitable for this application.


  • This group includes films manufactured for construction, protection for boats or large machinery, product storage and packaging, pallet fumigation, protection from external agents and more.
  • In all cases, these films are characterized by their easy installation and handling, as well as their flexibility for use in different applications.
  • SOLPLAST adapts these types of products to each specific application, modifying their properties to obtain the desired results in each case.


  • Liners are used throughout the world to send raw materials that require moisture control, odor protection and effective protection from contamination. They are also used as a physical protection barrier to avoid contamination of the container carrying the product, thus permitting very different types of product to be loaded, using the same container for successive trips.
  • Container and flexitank liners are frequently used as an economical solution for the bulk transport of chemical products, grains, cereals, liquids, granulated products and more.
  • SOLPLAST has developed various specific types of plastic for use as container liners for the transport of both solid and liquid products.
  • These materials are manufactured in different widths and thicknesses, depending on the end application.
  • The materials are designed in multilayer structures, using combinations of metallocene resins and EVA/EBA copolymers, which strengthen the mechanical properties of the product. This prevents problems of tearing due to the pressure exerted by the load inside the liner, as well as possible damage caused by movement of the load during transport.
  • There are certain applications where the characteristics of the transported product require a high O2 barrier to prevent oxidation. In these cases, barrier sheets are required to impede the gas crossing the plastic.
  • SOLPLAST offers solutions for these types of products, using films in 5-layer structures, with a layer of barrier resin, adapted to the application.
  • As well as the gas-barrier properties, these materials have a high mechanical strength, guaranteeing preservation of the transported product against possible damage caused during transport.