Agriculture in many parts of the world is affected by lack of water, as rain often falls at the wrong time and not in the required amounts. Furthermore, not all farms have the necessary resources or the right size for building large reservoirs and canals.

The best alternative for this water storage need is to build small waterproof reservoirs using plastic sheets.

The reasons for using these sheets include their price (very economical) and ease of installation.


  • These products for waterproofing are manufactured in thicknesses from 250 µ to 1 mm, for the GEOEMBALSE STANDARD and 500 µ for the GEOEMBALSE WELDABLE.
  • The GEOEMBALSE STANDARD is manufactured with a combination for LDPE and LLDPE resins, which give the end product high mechanical strength, especially against penetration and impact, making the product particularly suitable for this application.
  • The GEOEMBALSE WELDABLE is manufactured with a three-layer structure, using LDPE and LLDPE resins and other specific materials to optimize product performance in the application.
  • The external layers of this film consist of easily weldable materials to guarantee a good joint between the different sheets used in building the reservoir. The central layer is manufactured from materials with high mechanical strength, which also give the product the required rigidity for easy handling.
  • In both cases, the film is stabilized with carbon black to guarantee total film opacity and good protection against UV radiation.