Black sheet manufactured by multilayer coextrusion, with thicknesses from 250 µ to 1mm. A combination of LDPE and LLDPE resins are used to produce this film, giving it excellent mechanical strength and optimal conditions for use as waterproofing film.

Main features:

  • The GEOEMBALSE STANDARD film is designed for traditional installations on gentle slopes, where the sheet is covered with sand and gravel to protect it from solar degradation and other types of physical aggression (hail, animals, etc.).
  • Great mechanical strength. The characteristics of the materials used render the film highly resistant to penetration and impact, making GEOEMBALSE STANDARD film a good alternative for use in waterproofing.
  • Good UV stabilization. GEOEMBALSE STANDARD film is formulated with carbon black, which gives the plastic excellent protection against UV radiation, prolonging its service life in the harshest climate conditions.
  • Furthermore, the use of carbon black additives makes the film totally opaque, preventing weeds from growing under the film that can tear it and cause leaks.
  • Easy to install.  GEOEMBALSE STANDARD film is designed to be overlapped and joined with adhesive tape, although thicker versions (1 mm) can also be heat welded.