This very strong and long-lasting black sheet is made from LDPE, coextruded to a thickness of 500 µ (2,000 gauge); it contains highly weldable materials in its outer layers and materials with excellent mechanical properties in its central layer.

These sheets are joined by heat welding a width of approximately 40 mm, although it can also be overlapped and fastened with adhesive tape.

Main features:

  • GEOEMBALSE WELDABLE film is designed for both traditional and exposed installations. The latter feature allows it to be used on steeper slopes, optimizing the capacity of the reservoir.
  • Very good mechanical properties: provided by high-strength materials in the central layer. Penetration resistance is considerably improved, including that caused by plants or conditions of the terrain on which the film is installed.
  • Easy to weld outer layers. The resins used in these layers make GEOEMBALSE WELDABLE film especially suitable for installations in which heat welding is used to join the sheets together.
  • Good UV stabilization.  GEOEMBALSE WELDABLE film is formulated with carbon black, which gives the plastic excellent protection against UV radiation, prolonging its service life in the harshest climate conditions.
  • Furthermore, the use of carbon black additives makes the film totally opaque, preventing weeds from growing under the film that can tear it and cause leaks.