Sheet manufactured by multilayer coextrusion, using a combination of LDPE, LLDPE and metallocene resins, with standard thicknesses from 50 to 75 microns. This combination of materials gives the film great mechanical strength, which makes it especially suitable for use in semi-forced cultivation.

Main features:

  • TUNESOL NATURAL reduces the rapid heat loss in the tunnel at night, making it ideal as a protective thermal blanket or floating cover, creating a favorable microclimate for plants.
  • This type of film is normally used with the aim of improving crop performance by protecting plants from adverse weather conditions in areas where extremely high heat retention properties are not required.
  • The UV version includes UV stabilizers in its formula that protect the film from damage caused by UV radiation. This enables TUNESOL NATURAL UV to be used with semi-forced crops that require longer than usual to develop or in areas with a high level of solar radiation.
  • TUNESOL NATURAL and TUNESOL NATURAL UV films can be produced with perforations 5 or 10 mm in diameter and with different layouts to increase ventilation inside the tunnel, thus favoring crop development.