TUNESOL Thermal Cristal

Sheet manufactured by multilayer coextrusion, combining LDPE, LLDPE and metallocene resins and EVA/EBA copolymers. These resins are combined in such a way that the transmission of visible light is considerably improved. Manufactured in thicknesses from 50 to 75 microns. Formulated with UV stabilizers, which make it especially suitable for use in semi-forced cultivation.

Main features:

  • TUNESOL THERMAL CRISTAL is formulated with a combination of resins in a multilayer structure that provide for good thermal performance, in spite of the fact that no thermal loads are included in its composition to strengthen this effect.
  • This makes the film highly transparent, and especially suitable for use in areas with low solar radiation.
  • The TUNESOL THERMAL CRISTAL film can be supplied with an anti-drip effect. It is manufactured with specific additives that prevent water condensation from forming drops on the surface of the film. Water condenses in sheet form, further increasing the transmission of visible light into the greenhouse, especially in the early morning, when the condensation effect is the strongest. In addition, this effect prevents the continuous dripping of water on the crop, reducing the ensuing risk of diseases.
  • TUNESOL THERMAL CRISTAL films may be manufactured with holes 10 or 5 mm in diameter, with different layouts to improve ventilation in the small tunnel, thus favoring crop development.