About us

Who we are?

Our company

The strength of a major group

We are part of the Armando Alvarez Group, the largest Spanish processor of polyethylene plastic films (armandoalvarez.com).

“Together we make our clients stronger”.

There is a “solplast” solution for every crop

At Solplast we have been transforming agricultural farming since 1986, through research, technology and creativity in specialised plastics, offering the best solutions for sustainable agriculture.

We are leaders in manufacturing plastics for agriculture, exporting to over 50 countries in five continents, with annual production capacity exceeding 60,000 tonnes.

We are able to extrude films from 10 microns up to 1 mm, at widths up to 24,4 m.

We are innovation

We implement active R+D&i policies, testing new applications and developments for plastic, in collaboration with our customers, suppliers, universities and research institutes, creating new products and solutions for each crop.

We protect the environment

We actively work on protecting the environment, applying techniques that minimise emissions and waste in the production system, while also conducting research to reduce the environmental impact of all of our products.

To this end we apply strict quality management procedures in accordance with the Standard ISO 9001.

A universe of solutions

Armando Álvarez y Solplast

Solplast is the agricultural plastics division of the Armando Alvarez Group. We have been transforming farming since 1986 through research, technology and creativity in specialised plastics. We cover all market needs, from start to finish, with the widest and most specialised range of agricultural plastics.

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