Actions for sustainable agriculture

The extensive use of plastic film in agriculture has been a revolution in the field, as it has allowed for crops and increased yield per hectare in areas where it was inconceivable before. It has led to optimal development of numerous horticultural crops, literally turning Spain into Europe’s garden and making it one of the world’s leading countries in the development of technologies for plasticulture.

Plastic films for agriculture and livestock have greatly helped to preserve the ground where crops are grown, and to increase the quality and quantity of the food obtained from them, including crops for animal feed.

The advantages of the various agricultural films are: 

Greenhouse covers:

  • They protect the ground that they cover.
  • They help to significantly save on water.
  • They significantly increase crop yield.
  • They protect crops from bad weather.

Films for ground mulching:

  • They prevent water evaporation.
  • They save on fertilisers and agricultural chemicals.
  • They help crop development by providing heat and preventing weeds.

Film for silage:

  • They considerably improve the quality of feedstock for animals.
  • They guarantee optimal conservation of feed.
  • They reduce waste of essential resources for livestock growers.

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Armando Álvarez y Solplast

Solplast is the agricultural plastics division of the Armando Alvarez Group. We have been transforming farming since 1986 through research, technology and creativity in specialised plastics. We cover all market needs, from start to finish, with the widest and most specialised range of agricultural plastics.

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