Low tunnels


  • Sello1

    Maximum protection from harsh weather and external agents.

  • Sello2

    They have a thermal effect.

  • All of these films can include anti-drip additives, which prevent drops from forming inside the sheet. Instead of these drops, there is a continuous sheet of water, preventing dripping onto the plants and thus reducing the risk of diseases.

  • Sello4

    Maximum transparency, if your crop or area so requires.

  • Sello6

    These films can be manufactured with 12, 10 or 5 mm-diameter perforations, with different patterns, to improve ventilation inside the low tunnel, assisting in crop development.

  • Sello6

    All of our films are 100% recyclable.

Its thermal effect guarantees a reduced difference between daytime and night-time temperatures, compared to Tunesol Natural.

Its transparency makes it especially suited for use in geographical areas with low solar radiation.


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