Silver/black mulch film


Silver/black mulch film

  • Sello1

    Its features stop weeds from growing.

  • Sello2

    All of our mulch films can be macroperforated with different perforation diameters or printed as planting frames.

  • Sello3

    UV stabiliser package (optional for clear mulch film) that provides a service life suited to its purpose and conditions of use.

  • Sello4

    100% recyclable materials.

It stops weeds from growing, as it does not allow sunlight through.

The reflection from the silver layer contributes to high performance and early crop, as it directs extra light to the plant (although not as much as the white/black mulch film).It also avoids the risk of burns to the leafy section of the plant, since the film heats up much less than black film.

Its mirror effect of the UV spectrum makes this mulch film the most repellent to certain insects.

Designed for crops that do not need to receive much heat during the day, as it reflects a large part of the incident radiation from the ground.




Choose the option that your crop requires, we tailor it to your needs.

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