• Sello1

    Manufactured with resins that have thermal properties to keep the ground warm for longer.

  • Sello2

    Highly transparent to allow maximum sunlight in.

  • resistencia-luz-png.png

    Maximum use of solar energy to warm the ground.

  • Sello4

    Its composition includes anti-drip additives that reduce drop formation on the surface and allowing for maximum sunlight penetration.

  • 100% recyclable materials.

It provides optimal thermal conductivity to warm deeper into the soil.

This technique consists of using solar energy by means of films, which is environmentally-friendly and economical both inside the greenhouse and in the field.

Its high transparency and condensation-proof effect achieve the highest solar radiation for the ground.


Much more efficient than a regular clear film:

With a normal film, temperatures increase 4°C to 5°C at a depth of 15 cm. With the ECOSOL film, the ground temperature could increase by up to 7°C. This temperature difference considerably improves solarisation efficiency. This reduces the time needed for disinfection.

Tips for proper solarisation: 

  • Remove any remains of previous crops from the soil, as they are a source of infections.

  • Prepare the ground properly (loosen soil) and flatten with rollers to make it easier for the sheet to be in contact with the soil.

  • Water the ground to field capacity to achieve good heat transmission.

  • Install the ECOSOL plastic, making sure to cover all areas.

  • If it has to be watered further, it must be done at night or first thing in the morning, to prevent the water from cooling the ground.

  • During work prior to planting, do not till the soil below 25-30 cm, so that the solarised soil is not mixed with infected soil beneath that level.

  • If it is done in a greenhouse, it must remain closed during the solarisation process and the cover plastic must be clean (delimed) for maximum effectiveness.

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