Ds solbarrier


Ds solbarrier

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    The purpose of disinfecting the ground before planting is to increase as much as possible the death rate of pathogens.

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    The purpose of films used for chemical sterilisation is to retain as much of the disinfectant as possible. DS Solbarrier reduces leakage.

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    100% recyclable materials.

Designed to be used with disinfectants and biofumigants that do not need a specific barrier for gases according to regulations in force.  

DS SOLBARRIER is made with additives that increase the impermeability to gases inside the ground, compared to traditional plastics, achieving: 

  • Increased temperature.
  • Reduced disinfection time.
  • Increased effectiveness of the products used.
  • Reduced loss of disinfectant.
  • Reduced chemical damage on the cover.


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