• Sello1

    Made with high barrier that eliminates gas leaks and keeps the environment clean, thus ensuring worker health and safety and improving environmental protection.

  • Sello2

    Its barrier-effect allows for maximum use of the sterilisation product, completely removing pathogens.

  • Sello4

    Its 7-layer manufacture and the use of EVOH technology on the central layer make it more impermeable than any other film.

  • 100% recyclable materials.


Total disinfection with SOLTIF, the most impermeable film on the market for soil disinfection. 

  • Plastic made in 7 layers and 30 microns for total impermeability.
  • Fully flexible.
  • Prevents the penetration of the gases through the plastic, avoiding their leakage to the environment thanks to its central layer manufactured with EVOH.
  • 100% barrier effect.
  • Protects your greenhouse cover.
  • Environmentally-friendly.
  • 1.000 times more waterproof than a regular clear film of the same gauge.


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Armando Álvarez y Solplast

Solplast is the agricultural plastics division of the Armando Alvarez Group. We have been transforming farming since 1986 through research, technology and creativity in specialised plastics. We cover all market needs, from start to finish, with the widest and most specialised range of agricultural plastics.

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